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Racing Class Rules

 Super Stock Class
• Seatbelts
• Secure Pull Points
• Helmet
• Fire Extinguisher
• Battery Hold Down
• Tires must be DOT tire (cut tires allowed)

Modified Class
• Seatbelts
• Secure Pull Points
• Helmet
• Fire Extinguisher
• Battery Hold Down
• Leaf spring or coil spring only
• Any tire allowed
• No blowers or power adder
• Drive shaft hoops

Mega Trucks Class
• Seatbelts
• Secure Pull Points
• Helmet
• Fire Extinguisher
• Battery Hold Down
• Any tire
• No blower
• Drive shaft hoops
• Tranny blanket/shield/Certified Case

Ultimate Trucks Class
• Secure Pull Points
• Helmet
• Fire Extinguisher
• Battery Hold Down
• 4 link trucks
• Any tire allowed
• Roll cage
• Tranny blanket or shield
• 5 point seat belt
• Must have full fire suit
• Must have blower safety straps

Any driver can be called out at the drivers meeting for truck classification correction if needed. Any truck can move up into a higher class if they want. Trucks are only allowed to run one class. Cannot have multiple drivers per truck.

Beater Car Racing

Racing Friday and Sunday

No consumption of alcohol if competing in any races throughout the weekend.

• Remove all glass, Windshields ok
• Head lights and tail lights removed
• Remove mirrors
• No removing glass at campsites
• Riders must be wearing helmets and seat belts.
• Any size engine
• This is not a demo derby
• Pushing /rubbing is racing

  • Roll protection mandatory. Bar or post
  • Remove hood


• Each group of the cars will run for a desired amount of time (5 to 10 min)
• Will run multiple times
• best of show / fan favorite
• biggest air
• Most creative paint design

We want everyone to have fun at this race.   The unknown amount of cars/ types.  We might separate by types if we have a large amount of cars. 

If you would like to leave your beater car at the event Mud Fest is ok with that! If you don’t want to haul your vehicle back home we can dispose of it for you.  

Other Rules

All mud trucks must pass inspection
Due to the liability we will be enforcing all pull points
Any truck can be prohibited from entering pit
Secure pull points front and rear must be welded to the frame
Receiver hitches must be bolted in with a double nut.
Screw type clevis no hooks must be 1 inch pin diameter or larger
Helmets and seat belts must be worn during racing
No riding in the box of any truck
6″ straps only allowed in mud pit. No smaller straps allowed
Windshield must be clean when entering and exiting mud pit
Mud trucks must be escorted to and from mud pit by an ATV
Mud truck parking on both sides of the pit
ATV and mud truck wash stations available
No running of mud trucks or ATV’s from 8 pm to 9 am security only
No alcohol while operating or riding in/on any motorized vehicles
Underage drinking not allowed
ATV’s and UTV’s allowed
All ATV’s and UTV’s must have a 6 foot ATV flag

No dirt bikes
Two wheel drive (racing type) ATV’s allowed
No weapons allowed
No fighting
No glass bottles
No pets allowed
No upholstered furniture allowed
No cutting firewood
Clean firewood only (no pallets)
Wood sold on site
Showers available
Security on grounds all weekend
Treat staff and property with respect
Be responsible for your wristband
Wristbands must be worn at all times
Keep campsite clean
No littering